TSA PreCheck Denial and Revocation Appeal Attorney

The Transportation Security Administration, known as TSA, is responsible for security at all airports in the United States. One of TSA's programs, known as TSA PreCheck, allows qualified passengers to go through an expedited security screening process. TSA requires all travelers to pass through a security screening checkpoint prior to entering the secured area where passengers board the aircraft. The security screening consists of both passenger and carry on luggage screening. Passengers are required to remove their shoes, belts, jackets, all items from their pockets and laptops. Due to these security protocols, security lines at many of the nation's larger airports can last over an hour. 

To minimize the impact of the length of security lines, TSA has created the TSA PreCheck program. Individuals who are part of United States Customs and Border Protection's Trusted Traveler Programs are automatically enrolled in TSA PreCheck. These Trusted Traveler Programs include Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI. Additionally, travelers can separately enroll in TSA PreCheck at any TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center. The expedited security screening process allows qualified passengers to go through a separate line and quickly pass through security screening.  Thus, the TSA PreCheck program remains popular for frequent travelers and businessmen. A TSA PreCheck Denial Appeal Lawyer can assist individuals denied TSA PreCheck program membership.


There are numerous reasons that a TSA PreCheck application will be denied. The most common reasons for denial are criminal convictions and Administrative Customs Violations. Any criminal conviction will result in a preliminary denial of Global Entry program membership. These convictions include everything from Driving With a Suspended License and Trespass to Marijuana Trafficking and Assault With a Deadly Weapon. Most Administrative Customs Violations, even minor violations such as Failure to Declare Fruits and Vegetables and Failure to Fill Out a Customs Declaration Form, will also result in a preliminary denial of TSA PreCheck. There are several options for appealing a denial of TSA PreCheck.

An Appeal of a TSA PreCheck Denial can be filed with the TSA Chief Risk Officer's Office. This Appeal must identify the circumstances surrounding the denial, evidence of rehabilitation, a legitimate need for TSA and a showing that the applicant is not a risk to the security of the United States. The Chief Risk Officer's staff will respond to the Appeal and either grant TSA PreCheck, deny TSA PreCheck, or request additional information. A TSA PreCheck Appeal Lawyer can assist travelers who are denied membership in the TSA PreCheck program. 

If a traveler applies for a CBP Trusted Traveler Program, such as Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI, which provides TSA PreCheck benefits, any denial will be handled by United States Customs & Border Protection. CBP will generally issue a written reason for denial of Trusted Traveler Program membership. Denied applicants can author a written Appeal to the CBP's Office of the Ombudsman. In the Appeal, the applicant must discuss the reasons for the denial, show sufficient rehabilitation, demonstrate a need for the Trusted Traveler Program and provide clear and convincing evidence that they are not a security risk to the security of the United States. The Ombudsman's Office will consider the Appeal and decide whether to issue provisional approval for Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI program membership, or uphold the denial. If provisional approval is granted, the applicant will schedule an interview with a Customs and Border Protection Officer at a Trusted Traveler Enrollment Center for final approval and enrollment.

If CBP does not state a reason for denial of Global Entry program membership, an applicant may file a Traveler Redress Inquiry with the Traveler Redress Inquiry Program, also known as TRIP. When applying for redress through DHS Trip, the applicant will be issued a Redress Control Number. TRIP requests are similar to Appeals in that legal arguments must be properly presented and documented in order to receive an adequate response. TRIP requests will generally result in a written reason for denial. TRIP can also overturn a denial of Trusted Traveler Program membership and issue a provisional approval, pending an interview with a supervisor at a Trusted Traveler Enrollment Center. However, the process usually involves TRIP stating the reason for Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI denial and the Ombudsman's Office overturning the denial pursuant to a written Appeal.

Another option involves writing a Complaint directly to the Department of Homeland Security/Customs & Border Protection. The Complaint essentially functions as an Appeal of the denial of Trusted Traveler Program membership. Sufficient legal reasons and arguments must be covered in order to properly file a Complaint directly with DHS and CBP regarding a Trusted Traveler membership denial. 

TSA PreCheck denials are common, which is why a TSA PreCheck Appeals Attorney may be necessary to help you overturn your denial of TSA PreCheck membership. If you are a businessman or traveller denied TSA PreCheck program membership, contact a TSA PreCheck Appeals Lawyer today. 


Individuals who are already Transportation Security Administration PreCheck Program members can face the revocation of TSA PreCheck. A TSA PreCheck revocation can result due to a criminal conviction or Administrative Customs Violation. TSA PreCheck revocations usually occur upon renewal, or upon TSA learning of a violation. Similar to a denial of Transportation Security Administration PreCheck membership, individuals facing revocation of their TSA PreCheck can file an Appeal of the revocation with TSA's Chief Risk Officer. 

Trusted Traveler Program members can expect to have their Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI cards seized by Customs and Border Protection Officers upon entry into the United States. Revocations of Trusted Traveler Programs membership such as FAST, Global Entry, NEXUs and SENTRI must be filed with the CBP Ombudsman's Office. It is important to show that the revocation will be in error and that the Global Entry program member does not present a security risk to the security of the United States. If the Trusted Traveler Revocation is overturned by the Ombudsman's Office, a meeting with a Customs and Border Protection Officer is required at a Trusted Traveler Enrollment Center for full reinstatement of Trusted Traveler privileges. A TSA PreCheck Attorney will be able to assist individuals with matters involving TSA PreCheck Revocation.

If you are facing a TSA PreCheck revocation, contact a TSA PreCheck Revocation Appeal Attorney for representation. Our TSA PreCheck Revocation Lawyer understands the frustration many businessmen and travelers experience when faced with TSA PreCheck program membership revocation. 

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